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At JP Beauty Aesthetics, we believe that beauty transcends age, and confidence is your greatest asset. With our expert treatments, you can feel confident and radiant at any stage of your life.

Our Services

Feel more confident being you


Enhance your features or address signs of aging while maintaining a natural look. Our experienced nurse practitioners use the highest quality products, providing safe, effective results that let your true beauty shine through:



PRP Injections


Skin & Hair Rejuvenation

Achieve a refreshed and radiant complexion and/or lustrous hair that mirror your inner vitality. Each treatment is meticulously designed to target specific skin and hair needs. Experience profound rejuvenation and renewal all delivered in a professional and comfortable setting.


Chemical Peels

Hair Restoration

Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting helps you achieve a slimmer, more sculpted appearance while maintaining the natural contours of your body. Our treatments are designed to safely and effectively enhance your physique, boosting your confidence and satisfaction with your appearance.

Body Contouring

PCDC Fat Dissolving Solution

Wood Therapy

Laser Treatments

Our laser treatments are proven to be safe and effective. They assist in refining your skin’s appearance, while achieving a rejuvenated look that enhances your natural beauty.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Facials

Tattoo Removal

About Us

Quality You Can See, Enhancements You’ll Love

Meet Jennifer Couso and Priscilla Ramos, our board-certified Nurse Practitioners leading our beauty, health, and wellness spa. Dedicated to cultivating a welcoming atmosphere, we pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail and artistic creativity by employing innovative techniques that set us apart.

At our spa, every beauty and wellness plan is uniquely devised to not only create a radiant and natural appearance, but also to empower and instill confidence in each individual. We invite you to experience our beauty treatments, leaving you feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin.


Feel more confident being you

"JP Beauty Aesthetics is excellent. Jen is amazing; she truly takes the time to make you feel comfortable and listen no matter what the procedure is. The professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to patient satisfaction put me at ease throughout the entire process. I would highly recommended to any one considering..."

"Great experience! I went in to Botox/ filler but after a very transparent conversation with Priscilla, we decided to go for the skincare route. She is very knowledgeable and she’s one of those aestheticians that gives honest feedback on what is best for your skin, not just about what services they have to make a quick buck. I committed to a package for chemical peel + microneedling and I’m so excited about the final results!"

"I will share my wonderful experience at Jp Aesthetics with many friends! The place is so beautiful and welcoming. Priscilla was so nice, funny, and passionately knowledgeable about her craft. I appreciated the education that came with the comforting care. My friend chose the best spa ! Ty so much! Look forward to future visits! ✨"

Health & Wellness 

Feel as Great as You Look

Improving your overall health and vitality with our Health & Wellness Services:


Manage weight effectively with structured and supportive strategies.


Replenish your body with essential nutrients directly through intravenous delivery.

Vitamin Injections:

Boost your energy levels and overall well-being with targeted vitamin boosts.

Our personalized health and wellness plans will ensure you always feel your best inside and out.

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